Walled Kitchen Garden House


Situated within the conversation area of Brant Broughton and in the centre of three listed buildings, this project proposes a dwelling inside a new kitchen walled garden. The site is adjacent to a Grade II Listed cottage, a Grade II Listed Manor House and a Grade I Listed church so the design had to form a sensitive response to this rich historic setting. The walled kitchen garden aims to reflect a built form which would likely have appeared within the grounds of the adjacent manor house.

On the exterior, the building appears as a traditional brick built walled garden with simple detailing and occasional openings. Once inside, the building reveals itself as a contemporary interpretation of a lean-to structure, using timber, glass and brick to reflect traditional materials. The building aims to be highly energy efficient by grouping accommodation into separate heat zones, and using super insulated building fabric. The scheme also proposes to use a ground source heat pump, which will be situated within the walled garden.

The site is surrounded by numerous mature trees, which was a major constraint during the design and planning process. The building is sited as to avoid route protection areas, and where the most sunlight would be received. The existing trees also enhance the site by providing protection and separation from the listed buildings, making the building appear to be nestled in a small wooded area, not obvious from view, but something to be discovered and explored.

The scheme is currently in planning..