Town Hall


This prominent Grade I listed public building was designed by the renowned Architect John Carr of York and built in 1776 as a new centre for civic activities in Newark on Trent.

Tour involvement focused on the renovation and restoration of the Civic Suite and office accommodation of the Town Hall. A variety of works were undertaken, including restoration of the Ballroom, upgrading the second floor structure and improving all services to modern standards. The new north wing of the Town Hall was fitted out with modern catering and sanitary fittings.

Restoration of the Ballroom was an exemplar exercise in restoring the space back to its original format, including the original paint scheme. In order to restore the colour schemes, samples were taken and analysed to determine the exact colours as used throughout the life of the room as all photos showing its splendor were black and white. The decorators then used flat oil paints to replicate the effect of the lead based paints used in the eighteenth century.

The Town Hall restoration achieved numerous prestigious awards.