Listed Townhouse Transformed From Office To Residential


The project involved the conversion of a grade ll listed Georgian townhouse from offices into a residential dwelling. A major element of the work was the rear side infill extension and internal ground floor remodel which created an exciting family kitchen/dining/living space that connects to the garden. This has been a radical transformation from the existing arrangement which had no visual connection between these spaces. Only a store room had a view of the garden. There was very little natural light entering the rear of the house.

The glazed slot which runs through the extension provides a sensitive margin between the old and new structures and also creates a very delicate connection to the original facades. Through this glazing the kitchen space is flooded with natural light while also enjoying views of the beautiful facades above and now within the new envelope. A listed window has been internalised and a previously bricked up door opening has been replaced with clear glazing. The chimney stack which is a dominant feature on the rear elevation continues to pass through the kitchen but, has been opened up to provide a central feature between the living and kitchen space.