Kings Mill Reservoir Visitor Centre


Client: Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council

Budget: £121,000 from National Lottery Fund

The proposed design of the visitors centre will integrate the cafe with the heritage experience. The new layout improves the existing cafe enhancing the offer through linking to the additional display area next to the cafe and creating a backdrop to the cafe environment with an insight into the industrial and social heritage bringing the reservoir through to the present day. The design also creates a connection between the indoor and outdoor environment whilst improving its placement and visibility for existing and new visitors.

The project was made possible through the collaboration between Ashfield District Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Mansfield District Council and the Wildlife Trust working together to secure a development grant from the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The design for the proposed centre will be included in the second stage heritage lottery funding application which is to be submitted early 2018. If the partnership is awarded the grant it is envisaged that work in the new heritage centre will start in December 2018.

  • Create an integrated cafe and heritage centre experience
  • Create a multi-functional facility community and visitor facility
  • Increase capacity for visitors
  • Improve visual identity of the facility
  • Improve sightline and connection between the heritage centre and the reservoir
  • Improve natural light within the heritage centre

“This exciting project will enhance the visitor experience and protect wildlife at Kings Mill Reservoir and we are very pleased with the progress that is taking place as we invest in this popular reservoir and historic site.”
Nottinghamshire County Council Leader Councillor Kay Cutts